Sunday, August 18, 2013


So she turned big 10 a couple of days ago.  I can hardly believe that a decade had passed since I became a mom.  I vividly remember her birth, the first few weeks that followed it, how crazy I was about her and how our lives changed for the better with her entrance into this world.  I remember being determined to breastfeed her to the point of stressing out that I won't be able to which in turn did cause my milk supply to decrease and I wasn't able to...  How I cried when I made her first bottle of formula and how happy and content she was when I finally gave her enough to eat.

I remember her being an early walker and talker and oh such a quick learner.  She was barely 3 when she learned to write her name, scribbling ABBY to prove to the pediatrician that her proud mother was not exaggerating.  She entered kindergarten being ready for 1st grade while knowing about 5 words in English and in two months we couldn't get her to stop speaking English which she wanted to do at all times.

As ambitious first time parents, she was our guinea pig.   I was smack in the middle of my teacher program when I had her and she had to endure a mother who was also a student and worked outside of home part time.   She was our only child for (gasp!) whole three years.  Which is a luxury for most kids with several siblings methinks.  I got my current job as a part time teacher when she was only two and dedicated most of my days off to visit various kid places with her.  Just her and I, sweet times.  

Fast forward several years, I find myself so very blessed to have her.    She is a wonderful big sister--she adores all of her brothers, but especially the youngest.  Most days, I don't know what I would do without her.  She really is a second mom to him.  Only she gets to do things with him I couldn't do :)  

She is creative, responsible, bright,  independent, loves to cook, athletic, outgoing, and incredibly studious.  She's got one funky clothing style. Most days I try not to fix it, but some days such as when she insists on wearing my extra long skirt out to public or picks high heel shoes at TJ Max, I cant help but interfere. Her favorite clothing store is currently Justice ;)
We celebrated her tenth over the course of several weeks.  We went to the beach, camping, and attended a family reunion on the actual day of her birthday.  This year, she chose money over having a birthday party which I gladly agreed to ;)

I bought my sister's camera (finally, a decent lense!) and brought it over to my sister in laws house one day.  Abby's cousin, Kristina asked to see it and next thing I know Abby is dressed up in her other cousins' clothes and is on her  way out for a photo shoot.

When I think of taking pics of my kids, I first let out a long silent sign.  The truth is I would rather be scrubbing toilets than getting them ready for it.  Finding outfits that match but not really, doing their hair, taking them to a place, making them cooperate.  Talking about energy sucker...  This happened on a whim and I loved how they turned out.

Looove this one.

When we found them, her brother went to get her.  Kristina snapped these two of them.  Love.

Love you, Abs.  Here is to many, many, many more years of beautiful life, baby girl!