Friday, August 28, 2015

It Spoke To Me (ISTM) 8/28/2015

So, on an eve of mine going back to work in a few days, I get this brilliant idea to keep some articles, images, songs, quotes, recipes and/or other odd things I find interesting or inspiring or mind boggling or yummy here, in my blog, under the tag ISTM, which apparently stands for It Seems To Me for everyone else on the internet, but for my purposes it will stand for IT SPOKE/SPEAKS TO ME. You know, things you come across that you want to share with others because it spoke to you in some way?   A lot of these will come from my blog feed that I regularly read.

My goal is post at least once a week, being back in school, my job and soccer season might, just might be in a way a bit.  For what its worth, I present to you things that spoke to me this week:  

  • That family picture above from our very recent trip spoke to me.  Gulp.  Blessed beyond measure.  
  • Russian Mens Group Kvarto--love this song to include in movies and slideshows or just listen to the harmony. 

  • A yummy twist on the classic Olivie salad via Vikalinka.  Gonna try this ASAP.  

  • Found a new blog through The Art of Simple.  Though I don't ever see our family become a zero waste one, this family's lifestyle is incredible, inspiring and surprisingly fashionable. 

  • Searching to live out life through kindness.  Getting to a point where I succeed most of the time.  This quote via Mundane Faithfulness needs to be framed and read often: 
"Anger does not beget heart change; it begets shame. Yelling does not beget understanding; it begets hurt. Harsh words do not beget love; they beget humiliation. Intimidation does not beget kindness; it begets fear. Only kindness begets kindness; in fact, kindness begets love." 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Thrifted Summer Mantel

Its not too late, is it?  I finally like how my mantel is looking and need to document it for posterity ;).
Everything but the mirror, the tall black thing (what is that thing anyway?) and the letter A came from various thrift stores and I'm pretty happy about how the combo came together.  

The little blue lamps were brand new; the blue design and the white shade is what attracted me to them.  The only challenge is how to hide the chords.  I've looked at a few tutorials...maybe someday.  

The Pottery Barn shell vase I found for a few bucks at Goodwill.  Right next to it sat a large version
of it and I snatched that one too.  I absolutely love the Statue of Liberty tile that I found.  Its proper to put it on my mantel because obviously!

Decorating a mantel is challenging for me.  Its such a big focus area in our living room and I don't want to hate it everytime I look at it (and I look at a lot since one of the couches is right across from it).  I think what's missing is a succulent, but other than that I think its good to stay for a while.  But then, Fall is around the corner...

Ending this post with a picture of this beauty that I picked up at Salvation Army.  I wasn't sure it would fit into our living room and thought to put it on the deck.  But the more I look at it the more I like it here.

Plus, I did a little bit of research on it and found this:

Note the price!  Ahem....

Just like the chair on sale at One Kings Lane, mine is a repro.   But, I got mine for $7.50!  The chair didn't have a price on it so when I took it to the register, the guy told me its $15 on a half price day.  

Anyway, it will stay next to my mantel for now.  Close to its thrifted friends.