Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life These September Days

As I wrap up week 3 of mine going back to work after a 9 month long maternity leave, I find my self longing for those slower days when I was home.   Though all the glory of postpartum healing and taking care of a newborn in a house full of older kids was not easy, I felt that I did have some control of my day and how I wanted to spend it.   The days when my membership cards to various kid places slipped out of my wallet as easily and (almost) as frequently as Visa are gone.  And the beloved public library visits? Not the first thing that comes to mind when I come home and my babies fall into my arms.

I know there are working moms out there that begin before the sun is up and make it home in time to make dinner and haul kids to various events.  I cannot even and don't know how you do it.  I love working part-time and that the schedule this school year allows me to wake up with my babies and cuddle with them in the morning.  Baths happen in the morning too and I love giving them then.

 These two are becoming pretty good buds spending a biiiiiig chunk of the day side by side.

I love that I get to send my older kids off to school with kisses and breakfast and homework (fingers crossed) and other paperwork complete.   I love that I'm home to meet them when they come from school.

But I really, really miss our outings with my younger babies.  Having a  mid-day work schedule just doesn't allow for driving across town and spending several hours exploring all things fun.

Soccer makes us go out and play on the playground while we wait for boys to finish practice and I'm grateful for that time.   Its been a pretty good Autumn so far, hoping for a rainless next 6 weeks or so.

Lemetellyou....I'm one proud mama when I see my boys out there on the field.   They got a knack for sports and I don't mind one bit.  They want to try football next fall.   I'm pretty excited about that, but not for the gear that will go along with it ;)

I'm also a one proud mama of one very responsible 12 year old.  

She got into the yearbook class this year and is taking at least two other advanced classes.  She is still taking piano (though very very reluctantly) lessons and is one of the best forwards on her soccer team.  

I spy with my little eye the most beautiful girl on a team.   Can you? ;)  
 I was twelve when I came to the United States.    Little things she does remind me of me and its a good thing as it helps me to keep things in perspective.  

~  We are trying something new this September.   The kids are not allowed to be on ANY screen during the week day.    The truth is with all the activities and homework they have going on there is just NO time for it anyway.  But, Fridays are what we call Fun Fridays when they are allowed to watch/use screens for as long as they want to as long as it doesn't interfere with dinner or outings, etc.  
It's going great so far.  We'll see if we can keep that going ;)  

Better get back to my laundry...unlike the food in my fridge, it's exactly in the same place I saw it last!  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

ISTM (It Speaks To Me) 9/5/2015

My sweet pea turned 9 months yesterday!   I have always told my friends that this age up to the time my kids start to walk is the most physically draining for me.  All of my babies are crawling by this age, but their speed is too slow for their growing brain so in order to keep up they prefer to be carried places and start wiggling out of your hands once you stop to take a break only to ask to be picked up again.  SIGN.  And don't even get me started on how teething turns the sweetest baby in the world into the sweetest baby in the world that won't sleep, drools like crazy, has all the symptoms of a cold and cries more than in all the previous 9 months!   So needless to say, not much is getting done around here and the to do list only grows and I sign more often now as I look at the things around my house that cry for my attention.  But.  I've been mothering long enough to know that 'tis too shall pass' and am trying to focus that his smile only got cuter with the 6 more (!) teeth that are coming in. 

  • My mom sent me this link with sayings about motherhood that most everyone can identify with. 

  • Our favorite family show is back.  The Voice of Russia is in its 4th season now.  I'm slowly getting over the fact that my favorite judge (love you, Pelageya!) won't be there this season.  I loved her so much that I want to name my daughter after her.  True story. 
  • Joy the Baker was right.  These BLTs are like nothing you've made before.  They were a huge hit with my teenage nephews that came to work at our house last week.  
  • On a more serious note, the stories of the Syrian refugees are so so sad.  With all the media coverage it is now impossible to be looking the other direction.  As a granddaughter of refugees who fled their country for religious freedom, I can only pretend to imagine what it is like to leave your home in order to say alive.  Ann says its best here and offers many many ways that the rest of the world can help.  
  • I don't know if I can ever get over the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.  Big Island has my heart. 

Its better with extended family there!