Saturday, October 24, 2009

Summer, Come Baaaaack!

For being able to pretend for a few months that I am a stay at home mom, for dressing kids in one level of clothes, for yummy berries, for splash pads and parks, for hanging out on the deck, and for......yard sales---I miss summer!!!

Lets talk about yard sales, shall we? Why do I miss them? Because I am a new convert to yard sales who has had a blast and great luck this summer. I got many many deals including a fine china set for 8 (that's for over 30 pieces!) in excellent shape for $8. I grabbed it the same second the lady named the price and tried very hard not to expose my grin. I also got my baby a Jeep sports stroller in great shape for $35. My most recent purchases are a must brag. I got this 3-pack set of children's songs in excellent condition for

for $.25. Yes, a quarter. Its currently selling for $12 on amazon.

Also, by some weird luck from a very weird lady, I bought these Russian classic cartoons

for $.50. Two quarters!

Last, but my most valuable purchase yet, I bought a beautiful five strand freshwater rice pearl necklace and bracelet that looks similar to this (substitute the big pearl clip to 14k gold)

for...are you ready for this--$1. Goodwill, can you beat this?

I bought it from the same weird lady who sold me the Russian cartoona who was very tired and over medicated to realize she is selling me something genuine. She was selling a lot of things that were not hers and this set was clipped together as one long necklace with clips at weird places. thinking there was something wrong with the necklace she offered it to me for a dollar.

So yes, second hand stores riding on the recession wave have gotten way to expensive and I have officially changed my allegiance for fun shopping to yard sales. For now though, I am to start collecting junk around the house for the yard sale I will have next summer, and who knows someone might just a find a treasure or two in my trash.

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