Friday, January 14, 2011

Blessed With Grandparents

My sister forwarded these two pictures to me from Abby's birthday.

Looking at them, I was once again reminded of how great it is to for a child to grow up knowing his/her grandparents.   They are an incredible resource of wisdom, love, support, and encouragement for a child.  They are also the ones who cut your child slack and spoil them crazy when you get too caught up with discipline and rules.  My kids are blessed to have known two set of grandparents and one set of gran grandparents.  That is a lot of loving going their way!  And a lot of answered prayers...

Update on mom:

The news about her health are up from worst to bad.  The doctor said that her liver and some other parts of her body have a mass growing on them.  They will do a liver biopsy to figure out where the cancer is coming from.  Though there is still a lot of unknowns, the doctor confirmed the cancer is not in her pancreas.  This was a huge relief to us.  Though we are still very worried now, we've got more hope.

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