Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinner Plan for This Week

So, I got a mean little email from Mint reminding me that we, er, went over our food budget a bit this week.  With a b-day, our 10th anniversary, celebrating the end of the school year, Father's day and a cabin getaway, lets just say we got a little off track with our menu plan and our budget in general.  Looking at my semi-decent components in the fridge, I think we can stretch the food we have until Sat.  No, I challenge my self to.  I don't know but this word challenge is sometimes attractive to me and makes me get my act together and raise up to whatever it is that seems difficult at first.

But, I decided that it is more realistic to me to plan for dinners only.   All three of my kids like to have different things for breakfast (I know, its sounds like I spoiled them, but with one kid only eating cereal and another making her own breakfast, I am only left with one to cater to) and we are out and about often during lunch that planning exact thing we eat for lunch has proven not to be realistic.  But dinner, I can do.  So here it goes:

Russian kotleti, pasta,  tomato salad.

Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn.

Chicken Fried Rice  (with left over chicken from Tuesday)

Breakfast for dinner: eggs, potato tots, fruit smoothie

Tempura shrimp, cucumber, and philly roll sushi

You might notice, that the menu above is not exactly vegetarian, in fact, its lacking a lot of fresh vegetables.  Part of the reason for that is that my fridge is lacking vegetables, but I am well stocked on fruits, so we'll be making up the vitamins from fruits this week.  I am sure my children won't mind that.   Another reason is that due to certain circumstances, I started eating a little more meat.  I still stay away from it whenever there are other options available, but I eat a little if there aren't.

Whats for dinner at your place and how do you reconcile children who don't share your taste for veggies?


  1. great menu! I belonged to a meal co-op for about a year and have completely gotten out of the habit of making supper (was able to take a bag out of the freezer and VIOLA!), and having quit the meal co-op b/c husband made fun of the food other people made, I am back to cooking, and I have gotten so lazy. esp now it is summer. i find myself making food for kids, letting husband eat leftovers and me eating almonds and whatever the kids don't eat. definitely not sustainable or desirable. hopefully will be back to making yummy menus again soon.

  2. Heather, you must be starving living on almonds! jk.

    It seems like you quit during a wrong season! I am sure the food wasn't that bad, was it?