Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not So Ordinary Mac and Cheese

Unfortunately, our dinner table doesn't see as much seafood as we (meaning my husband and I) would like. The reason is twofold: sustainable seafood is too expensive and my kids hate fish. They do like shrimp though, nutritional value of which is debatable.

While searching through one of my now favorite food blogs ( I think I have one favorite one each week) I found this recipe for crab mac and cheese on the Closet Cooking website. No matter how delicious it looked, however, I wasn't going to pay $23 for a pound of crab and some more for fancy cheeses. This was mac and cheese after all, no adult I know would take it seriously even if it had crab in it. So I settled for provolone (which melts great) and bay shrimp which was about $3.50 a pound at Costco. It turned out delicious. Probably not as good as the original but this baby puts the Blue Box to shame both in value and taste!

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