Thursday, August 9, 2012

Born in the USSR 7, 14, 21, and 28UP!!!

Off and on this year I have been checking to see if one of my favorites documentaries of all times Born in the USSR, produced the fourth segment, 28UP.  For those of you who are not familiar with this film, it is a film about the life of several kids (now 28!) who began filming when they were 7 years of age.  The kids were asked questions about God, politics, life, future, etc.  They were then filmed every 7 years at 14, 21,  and most currently 28.  Their current life events filmed, some of the questions revisited, their dreams at certain ages compared to their reality now.   Every film combines segments from previous film(s).  For a long time, these films were not readily available to view online (something to do with copyright).

I was first introduced to this series about 7 years go when I received an invitation to meet the director, Sergey Miroshnechenko and see 21 Up at Lewis and Clark.  I fell in love with the kids and their candid answers.  I  told everyone I knew about the film.  I was able to find 21Up online and posted it on my blog.  However, the film was broken into 3 parts and soon part 3 became unavailable.

Anyway, the film is very well made.   For some reason, all four are now available and I present them to you here.  You're welcome.

28 Up Part 1
28 Up Part 2

  21 years of age (part 1)

 21 year of age (part 2)

 When the kids turned 14.

  Finally, the very first film when the kids were 7.


  1. I wish there was captions. I have seen 21 & 28 Up but can't understand russian enough to know 7 & 14

  2. 7 Up with English subtitels you can find here:

    But 14.. Where is it?

  3. Thanks for posting! I wonder what happened to the daughter of the russian orthodox priest and the russian girl from Kyrgyzstan. I love photography and camera work, outstanding job! The journalism is distant, association with USSR is poor, basically kids grew up after USSR collapsed, so periodic symbols of soviet era are strange. Take away all this unnecessary politics and you get great family archive stories, the most interesting 7 and 28.

  4. Do you know where one can get the English subtitles for the 14 Up?


  5. The longer 28 up version above is with Dutch subtitles. The series was shown in The Netherlands on the channel VPRO. I have seen the Up Series by director Michael Apted but this Russian version is in my opinion even more interesting as they grow up during the end of the Soviet Union.