Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day One of Summer--Westmoreland Outing

So we started the summer off a bit rough.   Running on about 5 hours of interrupted sleep and caffeine,  I hurried our morning which was filled with lunch packing and a baby's nap too short to be productive.  This was then followed by trouble installing an infant base and a garage door that refused to close when all of us were already in the car.  After about 40 minutes of this,  I was ready to call it a day and unload everyone back into the house.  A little tinkering with the garage laser and help from my oldest boy (who gets his handyman abilities not from me), we were finally on our way to a pretty great park that I just love.  Westmoreland Park  has a nature-based play area and includes climbing structures and water and sand feature, plenty of shade and much more.   Despite me packing too light of a lunch and a whiny pre-teen whose idea of summer involves grander adventures, the kids ended up having so much fun there that I was glad we didn't say home.  Add to that a babe who slept through most of it and I say that our day turned out to be quite awesome.

 This guy spent most of this time building and hanging out in this teepee.

The sand are is pretty great despite the main water feature currently being out of order.   

Sporting his roller skates that he found at a thrift store for about $4.  

We ended the trip with a quick stop at PDX Sliders which is a food cart that was about 4 minutes of drive away that makes amazing little burgers.  

Today was a great reminder that life with little ones is often filled with bad moments on good days.  I have to keep reminding this to myself and not opt for curling up into a fetal position and hide when I am so tempted to.   Even though I'm greatly outnumbered this summer  (5:1 most of the day!), I'm determined to take each day as a gift even though at first it may seem as the opposite.  

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