Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, My Valentine!

We have a birthday boy in the house.   The boy who is holding baby's hand turned 3 this month and that is what I see in my rear view mirror every time the three of us get out.   He holds his hand when he is fussy and he holds his hand when he is not which pretty much summarizes his character right there.     He is super sweet and has been obsessed over babies ever since he could barely walk himself.  He sings to his little brother and is the first one 'on the scene' when the baby is in need of attention. I joke and say that he is destined to be a father of many ;)

So this was the beginning of a post I never published last year.   Yeah....  I have good intentions, love this space, but for one reason or another neglect the white pages that are waiting for me to fill them with memories and stories.  My brain is too sleep deprived to remember doctor's appointments much less anything else of equal importance, so for the sake of remembering, reminiscing, reflecting, and processing, I MUST check in more often.  

Anyway, this awesome little boy, my fourth child, is turning big 4 this year and just like that the year flew by.  The little baby on the picture is an active toddler who is running around the house with a mouth full of teeth and is starting to say his first words.   
Hello bruises and new adventures.  

A year later, the birthday boy still holds the baby's hand in the car and sings to him to help him fall asleep.   Yesterday, he put him down for a nap.  True story.    Born on Valentine's Day, he is my most kindest, selfless child.   He is genuinely caring and is first to notice if someone is in need of any kind of assistance.   I have two questions--HOW did I get a child like this and how do I KEEP him this way?  Your assistance is truly appreciated.  

He loves going to Russian school once a week, if he makes it there without falling asleep on the way there.  Still little like that.  

Here is he is filming a little part in a Thanksgiving video for our church.  He spoke very cute English, not his first language, here.  

Our clan choosing a Christmas tree.  We told ourselves we have to keep it not to0 tall, but somehow ended up with the tallest tree we've ever had.  It was beautiful though.  

He loves his oldest brothers and wants to join them in EVERYTHING they do.   He joins them in a game of four square and when a neighbor asks them to come over.  He is their little tail, but they don't seem to mind.   He pays back with kindness.   

Besides Leo, his other big admirer is his younger cousin, Joseph, my sister's boy.  He is Phillip's little tail and imitates his every move.  They get to go on a lot of adventures together.  

Like many kids his age, he is really big into pretend play right now.  Every morning before I go to work, I get summoned to go catch the bad guys or help fight a fire.  I love his imagination and love to join him in this play.    Can he just stay 4 like forEVER?  

He is super excited about his birthday.  We are celebrating it with his friends--little cousins his age. The plan is simple--feed them pizza and cake and take them to JJ Jump to burn off the calories ;)  For his birthday theme he chose Paw Patrol, and has prematurely opened every single Party City item that we bought while I was at work.   I became a mom prior to Pinterest (which didn't make me any craftier) and am sticking to store party decor--if the kid wants Paw Patrol- who am I to interfere?!   

Stay sweet, my child!  Love you to the moon and back times a million.  

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