Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Hot Ride

Above is my car. Minus one scratch on both sides and a dent on the back and the front bumpers which really only add to its charm. Most moms would agree that there is no car hotter than a minivan. Tinted windows, slick and clean look, spacious inside yet contemp on the outside: body SCREAMS hotness. And on the inside behind the wheel is a sexy mama with a nose stuck up way high proud of being a mama and driving a debt free vehicle and who cares less if people dare label this car uncool.

And so I was until a few months ago when this started given me some trouble. I first documented one of my first disappointments here. I think I figured out its problem: my car has reached its teenage years. It has a mind of its own, is stubborn, at times non responsive and unpredictable and is a total party pooper. It breaks down after a totally awesome time the kids and I have had and refuses to take my small, hungry, sleepy kids home.

Today, we waited for the darn thing to start for over an hour. Good thing we were near a playground and my sister was with us to entertain the kids while I entertained the idea of either calling the tow truck or pray and hope that the car starts and takes us home.

My adoration for this car is OVER. For now. Though I think this idea is mutual. The car sent us a clear message today: stop being cheapskates and show me some love for Pete's sake!


  1. good luck with it!
    our car, as much as I love it, is becoming a pice of crap and breaking down all the time... so we decided to trade it in for something better...

  2. we have finally been forced to change up our vehicles...makes me ill! But we had an accident...and settled...but are stuck getting a beater...for now!!! Good luck!

  3. Thanks guys! Glad to hear I am not the only one with a problem car!