Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Canded Truth

The following is a rant I want to give to a person who has moved in with us for the next two months or so. No, he is not the 4th child I was referring to in my previous posts. This is a man who is a pastor in a different country and who came back to this country to earn some money and do some church business. Though we are happy our home can provide shelter and thus serve him this way, deep down in my heart I wish this happened two months from now. You know, when I will be on Summer break and my marathon practicum will be over with. So, because this is happening at the most busiest time of our married life, there are several things I want to tell this person, but don't really know how. Here is what I want him to know:

1) You are welcome!

2) We eat a lot of leftovers.

3) If there are no leftovers feel free to eat anything eatable thing you see.

4) You will probably never be greeted with a perfectly clean house. Things are not gross around here, just out of place.

5) Not making your bed is not a crime here.

6) Our children are really not as bad as they may act around people they don't know. Only because they really like to make their parents look inadequate

7) Oh...and they ARE being raised primarily by their parents, promise! Just not during the two month you are here.

He's been here for about two weeks and (thank God) is very low maintenance. It is a bit weird to have a person outside your family living with you. It also feels funny to have two tall males roaming in your house...if you know what I mean.

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  1. you are such a generous person... hang in there