Friday, September 17, 2010

Our New Friend

Our new friend left us this week.  I have to admit that she was a true pleasure to host.  Contrary to my views expressed in the previous posts, she has seemed to genuinely  enjoy her stay with us as articulated to us by her program coordinator.  We did a few fun things together.  We took her site seeing around Columbia Gorge and went several malls.   I left the mall with a pedicure newly polished nails that I paid a whooping $12 for, she bought a few souvenirs from a local store.  What both of us enjoyed the most were garage sales.  This was lady's 4th time in America so she knows whats up!  Discovering our common hobby allowed for some fun shopping together.  Another fun thing we did together was make sushi.  After begging asking her a million times, she nervously gave in. Apparently she only makes it about 3 times a year she said.  I think my daughter enjoyed helping her more than eating, and she looooves to eat sushi.

I know that the secret to great sushi is the quality of rice.  She bought a mix at an Asian store that made our rice taste just like the great restaurant's!

Some of final product: notice how perfection was not our goal here...  making it with  love was!

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