Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camping: Past and Future

Both my husband and I, not to mention our kids,  enjoy camping.  There is something about being away from the daily routine of the same old, same old (though with kids it is hardly same old, but still), unplugging ourselves from most every technologically advanced tool, watching the night sky bright with stars while lying on a picnic table, doing some kind of water activity all with the company of good friends that appeals to us.   Living out of a duffle bag and a handful of kitchen supplies also appeals to us.   I love cooking outdoors and find it I do just fine cooking meals on one skillet and one pot.   But, almost every time we go, while feeling like we are taking half of the house with us, we still forget one thing or another.   Some things, we could do without, but others, such as a flashlight, the thing we forgot this time around, is pretty useful while in the middle of a forest.  So, in an effort to leave useless things behind, and be well prepared for our next trip, I am putting together a list. While I do that, I wanted to share some of the memories from this last weekend.  

BIG, yummy trout

Baby learning how to ride a two wheeler.  He can pretty much do it on his own now.

Log riding was popular.  
The kids seemed not to be bothered by all the driftwood on the beach.

                                                         All this camping is exhausting!

Love this picture of Abby.  
Finding tadpoles was even more popular.  The kids were occupied for hours!  
 Before returning the poor things back to the lake.  

These are pictures from the 4th of July weekend when we stopped by for a day to visit Peter's most entire family who were camping there then.

 Small boat riding.  
 Big boat riding

 Big boat broke :(

Good sweet, summer memories.  


  1. i like your pictures. The one of the kids in the inner tube is pretty funny - looks like a search and rescue mission. :) We are going camping soon and your pictures reminded me to put a couple items on my list of things to pack. Thanks!

  2. it seems like you guys had a great time!!
    We camped at the same campground also, at the end of July :)

  3. Natasha, thanks for reading! I enjoy your blog a lot and envy your ability to make yummy food!

    Marina, wish we were there the same week!