Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Funny Them

I know that I will not be the first parents to utter the phrase "my kids crack me up".   Their sense of humor and funny ways of doing things is what makes our big parents' hearts melt and forgive and forget everything even when we are a little upset with them.  We laugh out loud and grin hourly.   In our family, the funniest kid is currently the baby.  It is probably a combination of his personality and being three.   And perhaps because the older two are currently practicing potty humor which after a while is not that funny to me, if ever.

But the baby, the baby's humor is clean.  It is innocent, light, and it is often unbeknown to him that he the reason his mom just left the room is to get out a much needed laugh so not to embarrass him.

Some days, he asks me if I love him on an hourly basis.  Other times, he confirms that he indeed was sugar today and accepts that he was a little bet of spice as well.   He is the kid who loves to please, stays away from trouble and is rarely naughty which manifests itself in all kinds of funny things.   He changes his outfits at least three times a day and is the first one to get dressed and ready to go in the morning.    He tells people that prefers to be called Tim or Timofey and not Timka.  And as much as I don't like it when he drags me out of bed in the morning because he is hungry the minute he wakes up, I do it because all the kid asks for every morning is cereal.  How difficult is that to make?

But, what I wanted to document in this entry are these pictures of him in his outfits today.

This was the second time he changed and he happened to match!  Sometime today, he came down dressed in his church dress shirt and his Easter pants. Maybe realizing that mom will not be taking him anywhere on the day she is packing for camp, he decided to take a nap.  I found him like this when I came down from working on business things upstairs.

Maybe this is how your kid takes his naps every day and you don't think this is one of the cutest things on Earth.  But I know that this child NEVER does this.  He needs to be either be read to for a long time or taken for a ride to nap these days.

Next school year, it will just the two of hanging out together for a while before the baby comes.  Yes, the baby!!!  I will have to write about our new addition this winter later.  I know we will have a blast and look forward to having many more laughs.

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