Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unique Pumpkin Patch Experience and Pictures

Last Friday, I realized that being a mom for the last six years has apparently taught me absolutely nothing. Because if it had, I would have probably:

1) not decide to take my kids to pumpkin patch across the town on a Friday night
2) not had to take a long alternate route because the freeways were packed
3) calculated in the two potty stops (30 minutes of total duration) that I would have to make
4) visited the patch's website to learn that most activities would close by the time we would get there
5) not drive for 2 hours just to be there for 30 minutes

6) not have to lure my kids back to the car by promising sushi

There was maybe but two other lost souls there besides us, so we had the place to ourselves. The thirty minutes that we did spend there were fun with children just enjoying the free space to run around and pose for my sister's camera. She got a lot of very cute pictures of them. Some of them are below. I will post more when she gives them to me. In the mean time, can someone tell me why my pics show up so small in size and resolution? Tina, Heather, Tanya your pictures are always so bright and big, how do you do it?


  1. those are some fabulous pics, zhenya! my husband furls his brow at me if I don't reduce the size of my photos before posting them. If I don't do it, they take a very long time to load. I am not sure what I am doing to make my pics look good, I think yours look great! Oh and where did you go? If you want to go again, there are SO MANY PLACES down here, one of them run by Katie Pohlschneider who taught science at Douglas, she runs her family's farm now. Their setup is nice! A little expensive... Baggenstos is free though, it has no slide.

  2. Oh and I see now you went to Sauvie's... come south on a Sat A.M. --the kids can play like crazy. Oh and I have very much made the same mistake, it usually entails having been cooped up in the house with them for too long trying to fulfill commitments.

  3. What is the name of the farm by Katie?

  4. I love sauvie Island! But yep, you have to come while al the fun stuff is opened! :)

    As for the pictures, I edit them first, and I don't upload them through the blog site; I take the html codes from the site I keep my pictures on and use those!