Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life's Hard When You're My Student

Right after the class began I sent two boys down to the office to get a late slip who tried to challenge me on that in front of the whole class, but grumbled their way to the office and back.

During class presentations, a student asked me if he could go back to the library to get his pen and his pencil which he forgot.  I gave him, a  "you have got to be kidding" look and continued listening to the presentations. 

Right before the class ended, I asked for a different student's cell phone when I caught him using it in class who refused to give it to me.  I had to call security on him. He is usually a pretty mellow student, but decided to have an attitude today.

The next class of children  teenagers that I am teaching is full of not such bright students to whom I usually have to repeat simple directions atleast 5 times.   When after explaining that students need to complete TWO sides of the worksheets 5 times, I HAD to shake my head and say nothing when a student asked me, "Which side do we do?"

I really wish I could write : DON'T mess with the lady who had 5 hours of sleep, sat in 3 hours of meetings in the morning and has a VERY difficult exam coming up in the evening.   Just don't. 

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  1. Is that what I need to be looking forward to? :) I am hoping elementary school kids would be better!
    Little brats! :)