Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free Day At the Park and Free Clothes!

What a day we had today!  My sister came in the morning and made waffles with my kids.  How they love to help out!  Watching them being so interested in helping, makes me want do more baking with them. 

After our very yummy whole wheat waffle breakfast, we decided to go to the Japanese Garden as today's admision is free.  This was our first time to the park and the season was for sure right to go there. 

The weathermen promised rain and more rain.  It ended up being a perfect fall weather.   We were even spoiled with some sun today. 
Our model.  The babe had no idea where we brought him, but enjoyed looking at ponds. 

I love my daughter's profile.  She is seriously studying Japanese landscape art here. 

The only downside about coming to a beautiful place like this for free is all of the other people who are taking advantage of this opportunity with you.  It was crowded!  At the entrance we were asked to turn off our cell phones as this area (I am guessing) is an area of meditation.  However, there were lots of people walking and talking, and mommies (myself included) trying to get through narrow pathways with their strollers.  Though this picture is blury, you can see the most famous place to take pictures there: the bridge.  What you can't see it the stream that flows underneath it and other gorgeous colors;trully, one of the best places in Portland to take pictures. 

My day was finished with washing and putting away a ton of used boy's clothing my sister in law gave to me.   I have never had so many handmedowns; it was pretty exciting! 

Nicolas is wearing his "new" sweather and a coat from that ton.
This guys loves to pose and we think is very photogenic. 


  1. your kids are so adorable! Looks like a nice peaceful day!

  2. Thanks, Beth! That day was pretty wonderful.