Monday, November 16, 2009

What They Didn't See

We had three families over for lunch yesterday. When they came in, the house was clean, table set, food hot and ready to serve.  Here is what they didn't see:

Morning: I take half a day to do homework and study while kids are at grandmas.
Afternoon: I pick kids up, take them to the store, lock my keys in side my van and wait for the roadside assistance to open the door for me. A quick trip turned into an hour. I thank God my parents were with me at the time to help me out.
Evening: Abigail and I watch Fiddler on the Roof, the musical at the high school I work at.

9 am I begin making salads for guests during breakfast. This task takes up longer than should as multitasking slows me down.
10am Husband is done reading the Bible to the kids and we rush upstairs to get ready.
10:30 my husband is trying to get the kids out the door when my son starts being picky about his socks and shoes.
10:35 hubby drives away, son starts crying his eyes out.
11am child is still crying in disbelief that his daddy could do such a thing.
I lure him away from the bedroom with a promise of something sweet and go to put my baby for a nap.
11:30 baby is still in my arms wanting to sleep with me holding him.
12pm I finally put the baby on his bed and turn on the live streaming of the church service and start making hot meals. Son is walking around, throwing crumbs of food all over first floor, goes up to the second floor, sees his church clothes, remembers that he was left behind and starts crying again. 
12:30 son spills over a greasy bowl of soup the same second the baby wakes up (early) from his nap. The babe is in the bad mood, crying as I am trying wipe the floor, the chairs and son and sautee chicken.
1pm. I am still cuddling the baby and cooking with one free arm, look around to see 1st level a complete mess, kitchen sink full of dishes and countertop filled with unfinished dishes. I feed the baby and go back to cooking. I panic.
1:40 husband comes home to a messy house and a paniky wife. I tell him that next time i would rather entertain on a day when he is home, helping me. He tells me to do the impossible: relax. We I frantically start cleaning the house.  Hubby is taking his time vacuuming the place. 
2:30 my food is ready to serve, but my guests are not here. I start calling guests and they tell me that my husband told them to come whenever. I give my husband the evil eye and explain to him hot food cannot be served WHENEVER and tell him that he is never to coordinate lunches or dinners with our friends. I glace at my juicy, flavorful chicken that just finished roasting in the oven and think how it would just not taste the same when I serve it WHENEVER.
4pm All guests arrive, and we sit down for lunch.
10pm All guests leave and I feel satisfied that the evening went well and the food was great. We talk about what was, is and what is to come. Guys leave to use the sauna, girls talk about life and babies.
11pm as I lay in bed, I think that I would do it all over again, even if it was just as hectic as today.

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