Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vegetarian Me?

So, off and on I throw around an idea of becoming a vegetarian.  It basically goes like this:  I think about it, then snack on a steak, then think about it some more, then boil up some pelmenie, and so on.  I wouldn't say that we consume a ton of meat, but then maybe we do and I just don't think about it as I savor my favorite meat dishes.  Becoming a vegetarian would be life changing for our family.  My husband is a big time carnivore who thinks that it is not dinner if it doesn't contain meat and who laughs when I mention to him that he might consider ordering a veggie burger next time he stops by at a burger place.  My youngest son takes my daughter's meat portion while she takes his pasta portion.  And Nicolas is cool with either and I usually eat every one's leftover veggies.  So it is no wonder why I would be the one to pioneer this venture.

I love vegetables, but when I look at the vegetarian recipes, I cannot help but think that the rest of the family will simply not eat most of it.  My kids don't eat all veggies so if I take meat out, they would have to complement by eating lots of carbs which alone are not super healthy especially if their color is white.  So, I will probably going to begin this journey on my own. I will most likely not able to quit cold turkey so it would have be a gradual process. 

Maybe some of you who had us for dinner or whom we treated with a fine a shish kabob are picking up your jaws from the floor.  I know that vegetarian lifestyle is not very well understood nor supported by the Russian community here.  In fact, I only know one person, a girl I went to high school with, who is a vegetarian and I know many Russians.    But there are several reasons why I want to try it out:

1)   It is now common knowledge that a diet high in fruits and vegetables helps prevent many diseases.

2) We can't afford organic meat therefore we usually consume meat from cows/poultry that have been fed hormones and/or antibiotics and other things to make them grow faster.  And this, cannot be a good thing.

3) This idea of switching has been circulating around me for a while and is being recycled through interactions with different people, statistics, testimonies, thoughts about cancer...

I know that completely giving up meat will result only if a complete mind change occurs.  I don't want to make vegetarianism a religion though.   So I will try it out, but in all honesty, I don't know how long I will last.  I am leaning towards being a selective vegetarian, but selective could be so broad!   I will sure to keep you posted.  In the mean time, I welcome your comments.  Have you tried it? How did you do?  How did your family do?   


  1. Let me start off by saying that men need meat and they love to eat meat. Personaly I am like you, I can eat meat or not and it dosent bother me. But when you have a family then it's a different story. My husband and I started to buy only organic beef (which is very $, so we recently bought one calfe) and we try to eat organic chicken. The organic meat costs more but it is better for you and its 100 times yumier (if thats a word lol). I know for sure that my husband will not last 2 days without meat ( we have tried). so I started with myself, I have become some what vegetarian and I am happy with my results! I feel lighter,healthier, I have more energie and I am happier :)So good luck to you too :)

  2. Dear Zhenya,

    I should mention, that when I make anything with ground meat I add a ton of shredded vegetables like: spinach, celery, carrots, zucchini and so on. We make our muffins with vegetables also. So when we are having pelmenie, meatloaf, or anything meaty. I don't feel bad at all serving my family healthy dishes... because I know what's in it. Also, as a result I end up using way less meat than normal. Hope you try that:D