Saturday, July 4, 2009

Men Have It Harder

As I am sitting in an air-conditioned house watching full bellied children play, I came to a conclusion that is far overdue.

Men have it harder.

This contradicts the feminist world view which coronates all women as queens and princesses who must demand and facilitate equality in the home. At the moment, I am thinking of my husband who is working under the glaring sun in the 94 degree weather building a deck for a customer while all of his buddies are either camping or picnicking. But really, unless your husband is a total jerk, no matter what he does for a living or whether or not you work as well, he has it harder than you. In most families a husband is the one who:

1) ultimately carries the financial burden of the family
2) is responsible for servicing or fixing cars
3) gets to come home to do yard work (though more often in the summers than winters)
4) if something goes wrong at his work or if he fails at something, rarely shows emotion in the form of tears
5 is working while hugs, kisses, hilarious conversations, and teachable moments take place
6) is the spiritual leader in Christian homes
7) carries the burden of having the final word in difficult decisions
8) comes home from work to overstimulated and tired kids who cling to his legs between screaming marathons
9) gets to listen to his wife whine, complain, and nag about how hard her life is

Its really easy to forget these things after you have spent entire day cleaning, cooking, feeding, doing laundry, playing, breaking up fights and calming tantrums. Granted, moms get their share of work, but God created us with abilities to multitask, nurture, cry and make our houses into the oasis husbands need to want to come to.

Its time we stop b******g about equality and be grateful for and productive with our talents.

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