Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Info About Born In The USSR 21 Up

As of lately, I have noticed record number of hits on this site. This is because a link to my site was posted in a forum on a certain website where people were searching for this film. There were a lot of questions asked on that forum. I think I know answers to some of them. I know them because of what I heard from the director himself when I went to see the premiere or from the Lewis and Clark Instructor who is probably the biggest fan of this film and who haunted down Sergei Miroshnichenko in Saint Petersburg to give him the invite to come over and show the film in Portland.

1) Miroshnichenko mentioned that there is no hidden agenda in this film. It is only about the lives of the people. You can find more info about the film here. You can watch the short version (about 1.5 hours) here.
2) Someone asked about Asya, the girl who wanted to leave Russia in 7UP version and whose reasoning seemed a bit too mature for a 7 year old. I thought she was brilliant. He said she refused to be filmed in the 21 UP version because she found out that the shorter, English version will not include all the kids. She of coarse, was chosen for it, but thought it was unfair that others didn't get in. So on that basis she refused to be filmed. I really hope they get in touch with her for the 28UP version.
3) The instructor at Lewis and Clark who taught Russian classes no longer teaches there. I saw her at a Russian event a few months ago. She has a 7UP and 14UP she rents out to people. She also has the full version of 21UP. If interested, send me a note and I'll see if I can find her info.
4) The reason it took a few years for the film to reach the public in DVD form has to do with licensing agreement they had with the British company who sponsors or is in charge of this film, I believe.

I know that you can now buy the Russian version, but don't have any experience buying from the sites that sell them so I cannot recommend them. Some sites allow you to download the full version of the film for free. Piracy, anyone?

That's all, folks!

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  1. Zhenya, Spasibo bol'shoe za informaciyu, ochen' interesnyj fil'm, pryamo pro menya :)
    Ya 83 goda rozhdeniya i tozhe iz Rossii, sejchas zhivu v USA, Colorado uzhe 2 goda.
    Ochen' priyatno poznakomitsya. Lisa :)