Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrong Timing

So I have joined all others who appear to have no life and enrolled my self in a summer class. The difference between them and I is that I actually do have a life and they must not. Most of the people in my class are either single or have kids who have grown up.
Good timing.

I am yet to meet a mom of three small children in a graduate level summer course.
Wrong timing.

I imagine them laying on the couch or sitting on their porch on a cool summer morning peacefully reading the assigned readings and in the evening, without interruption (besides occasional snack and a lemonade sip) writing their essays. I KNOW they did not attempt to read:

1) in a hospital waiting area before an appointment
2) in a park while children played, tattletaled, asked for snacks and water, sat on my lap
3) while babysitting a niece in addition to having own three kids at home
4) At a lake
5) in the car wash

I am pretty sure the instructor have thought about the wonderful season of summer and how everyone (in education world, that is) just hangs out, sleeps til noon and has little plans besides relaxing and recharging for the next school year. That is why she made sure the next four weeks will not be a waste of life, but a productive time filled with reading and writing about very exciting subjects of... testing and assessing.

Having had two classes already, I can already tell that the class and my performance in it is going to rock. This is evident by my very thorough studies (see bulleted list) and by the content of the class. Best of all, it is going to take up a whole month out of the two months I have off. More so, the class has began at the time when my husbands projects are winding down and he is ready to save the summer for the family and take us camping.
Wrong timing.

Arguing with him that studying flaws and benefits of standardized testing takes precedent over sleeping in a tent, waking up to birds chirp, swimming in the lake and staring at the fire late at night is as productive as watching fingernails grow.

So, I am being forced to be a bad student and skip a class and join my family for a camping trip.
Because nobody else but me cares about the whole bad timing thing.

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  1. I am helping to teach junior year class this summer. The class is scheduled at 7:30 morning ( i personally believe that this is ridiculous :) ) But the interesting thing, we did not have any problems with students coming to lecture, but during regular semester even 8 and 9 am class suffers from poor attendance.