Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ciao For Now..

There are a few reasons for my recent absence in the blogosphere. Not that anyone noticed. But for the few of you that like to read my occasional ramblings, I feel obliged to explain that:

1) My laptop (or school's laptop) has crashed with all of my school work which I did not save. Very stupid of me I know.

2) Because of 1)I now lack the convenience of blogging from my deck or the living room or the kitchen or the playroom or the front yard.

3) Also because of 1) I need to make up the hours of work I lost. The more I think about it the more I put it off and want to blog instead.

4) I am behind in my current school work as well and must put all of the little time I get to myself into catching up with it or fail the class and loose about $1K or so. Thinking about this potential loss makes me want to kick my self in the bottom and get to work now.

But I'll be baaaaaaack to amuse you, my few faithfuls with my very impressive writing. In the mean time, please wish that my youngest child falls in love with sleep because I am very ready for him to!

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