Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Do You Explain That to a Kid?

We were driving from my mom's house after a funeral service that was held for my husband's uncle when Nicolas, our three year old, ease dropped on our conversation and asked:

Nicolas: Why does uncle T need a casket?

Hubby: So that his body could be placed there and later covered with soil.

Nicolas: Then how is he supposed to fly to heaven?

I often wish I had the ability to scan their little brains and see how they perceive the adult world and process adult conversations. We've told our kids on several occasions that when Christians die, they fly to the heavens to meet Jesus. That was probably easy to imagine for them. Now, that we told them that people's flesh remains here and their soul is what flies away, how do they picture that? A concept of a soul...yet another difficult spiritual subject to explain to a young child.

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