Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Secret Experience

It has been awhile since I've visited this place. When I felt something sharp poke my chest, I knew it was time. Unfortunately for me, only this place carries a product that satisfies a woman whose "grand tetans" have changed in shape and size at least four different times over the last eight years. It is unfortunate because I hate to support this company. The store is loaded with pictures of half naked teenage looking girls whose face expressions should really be saved for a private bedroom. I seriously don't know how human males can stand to be in that store without making fools of them selves.

Did you know they can measure your size right there in the middle of the store? At first, I was taken back by that but after seeing how long the line to the dressing room was agreed to this service but not without dragging the measurer to the corner of the store.

In the dressing room, big pink letters printed on the mirror encourage customers to STRIP. Never mind the fact that a lot of their customers are teenage girls. The customer service teenagers in black run around, bump into each other, sign a lot, roll their eyes and pretend to be doing something very important.

I was relieved to hear a customer service teenager tell another teenager who was holding his girlfriend's hand in the line behind me that boys are not aloud in the dressing room. He mumbled something and she then spelled out the rule by explaining that as soon as his friend crosses a marked line he is to leave the dressing room immediately! I don't think he was too disappointed because he then got to sit in a chair or wonder around the store and stare at very similar images he would see in the room.

The quality of their products brings me in to this store once every two years or so. I wish they would somehow figure out a way to market their product in a less seductive way because there is something abnormal with its effectiveness if women looking at half naked women makes women buy more underwear.


  1. I always feel weird going in there, especially with all those teenage girls around... And then here comes me with a belly pouch and a kid in a stroller :)
    But I love their 5 for $25 deals on plain cotton undies, so I drag myself to that store...

  2. I used to take care of this business happily at M & F and have been pretty disgusted by full retail price of Macy's.

    Last time I was any where near this place I bumped into two former guys students who were looking incredibly guilty and wierded out to be talking to their teacher ...i think they had girls inside the store.

    I never thought their brassieres were made for real women, just 20 somethings....