Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Picture Time!

The time has come for me to get my act together and take the family out for pictures. Not an easy task! This particular photo shooot was not without its obsticals.
When looking for matching outfits, I was tempted to run to the store and spend x amount of money to get us looking all picture perfect. I then remembered that I am smarter than that (or when I used to be) and combined a set of outfits that did the job just fine.

My sister could only take pictures of us after work, which was about 5pm. So, on our way to the Rose Garden, the two youngest males of our family fell asleep in the car. My sister took pics of me posing close to the parking lot while they were sleeping. I am pretty new to this...I did not feel myself. Can you tell?

My husband, who had to take his own car to the place, got lost. Kiddos got a few minutes of extra sleep while he found his way but then had to be woken up for the photoshoot. Ever tried to do that before? This resulted in them looking sleepy and being cranky for the first few pictures.

I also discovered a mysterious stain on my baby's very white shirt. It doesn't look like it showed up on pictures much though it was pretty noticable.

Kids were kids and were goofing off most of the two hours we were there which made it great to take single pictures of them but almost impossible for family pics.

Of coarse, what photoshoot is without a kid falling into the fountain? Not our family's!


  1. Thank you for sharing, you are so beautiful and kids are just adorable.

  2. Don't you worry about anything - you look absolutely fantastic!!!

    Hope to see you in a month.


  3. I agree, your babies are just lovely, Zhenya. That Tim has quite and expression, I think he will steal my lunch!

    I love the location chosen as well, great stairs and stone!