Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am not sure where I read this, but someone somewhere said that there is great power in a written word, especially when the writing is done by you. Though this is not novel, I often forget how true it is. Think of a grocery or a "to do" list written by you. It is sort of a contract one makes with him/her self to only buy whats on the list or to get to things that have long needed attention. There is a sense of accomplishment when item purchased or things that got done get crossed out. The contract one makes with him/her self got fulfilled. So, I am going to exercise this power right here, right now and write down things I have wanted to accomplish at least since the beginning of summer, but have not been able to for reasons varying from sleep deprivation to plain old laziness. I want to start with my plan for tomorrow morning:
  1. 5:30am get up no matter how much times I am awaken during the night
  2. 6-7 drag a few other friends from their beds and go walking/jogging
  3. 7-8 drink coffee, read the Bible, meditate
  4. 8-10 go blueberry picking

* repeat bullets 1-3 every M, W, F atleast until school starts

Things to get done before I am back at work and school:

  1. sell: barbecue, air conditioner, palm one on craigslist or eBay
  2. call Qwest in hopes that the modem I was supposed to return half a year ago has not become a dinosaur and that they are still willing to pay me for it
  3. find college books online and save my self money
  4. decide if I want to keep immunizing my kids and if yes bring them in for some shots
  5. organize storage room AKA "Abby's Office"
  6. Develop and organize gazillion pictures and make some albums including one for baby Tim. Sorry kid, but your parents turned out to be one of those LOTS of pics and videos of #1, MANY pics and videos of #2, and WHERE are pics and videos of #3? kind of parents.

There, I have it in writing. A contract is made. Y'all are my witnesses. If I see you and fail to make eye contact with you, I have probably failed at atleast three of the above. And thats very much a possibility because you know whats more powerful that a written word? A human will. Because only IT could get a night owl and sleep deprived individual up from a cozy bed at an ungodly hour in order to circle a neighborhood. And that my friends, is power.


  1. great list! As school/work looms closer...I have been making lots of lists... AND accomplishing what is on them! I don't set my sites too high tho! lol

    Good Luck with yours!

  2. I guess I was a victim when I picked up the phone at 6am this morning, ha? I wish you would have told me about your plan in church last night. Well no, you actually wrote your contract late at night yesterday. So far so good! Good Job Zhenya!

  3. I send you the power to check off everything on your list. and can i mention that it helps if you add something really pleasant on your list, like go get a pedicure or something. then i really want to get all that other stuff done. works for me.