Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Very Blessed

Yesterday started like a regular day and fortunately for us, it ended in a pretty usual way as well. It is what happened in between those hours that made me realize more and more how truly blessed we are.

At about noon, I took my kids to a friend's house for a play date. I came home, put the babe for a nap, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and then held the sleeping baby in my arms for about an hour (because this is how he now takes part of his nap. Don't ask). As I was holding him, I looked outside and saw what appeared to rain/snow mix. I checked the forecast...nothing alarming. The babe woke up and by this time, the snowflakes were of significant size and I decided to make a fast trip to a grocery store to get some comfort food for what might be a snowy evening. What was supposed to be a 30 minute trip turned out to be a 4 hour ordeal. My brilliant brain forgot to remind me about the fact that we live on a hill and the car I have is not ready or able to maneuver in snowy conditions.

I made it fine down the hill and got my food. By this time, however, the surprise storm was in full blast, and going up the hill the same way I came was treacherous. To make a long story short, our whole family made it home safely in the evening and everything turned out alright because:

  1. the baby though hungry patiently sat in his car seat and sang songs during the 1.5 hour very slow ride. His sweet, worryless tune was calming me down.
  2. we were blessed to have a friend who came over and rescued me and the baby and took us to his house
  3. his house is 5 minutes away from ours
  4. this was the house where my other kids were playing

  5. his wife graciously welcomed us and served yummy treats with fresh raspberry tea. Marina and Bill, I can't thank you enough!
  6. my husband eventually (it took him 4 hours!) picked us up after rescuing his brother. My husband's truck's windshield wipers are broken. I do not know how he did it.
  7. My abandoned car (with my comfort food inside, go figure!) was in one piece when we came to pick it up
This surprise storm was as its full blast during the rush hour. Everyone was caught off guard. It was a BIG mess in the greater Portland area. As I was listening to the radio while driving, I kept hearing about car wrecks, people getting stranded for hours in traffic jams and on the curves, cars unable to make it up the hill on the highways. I kept wondering, what if it was me out there? What do people do if they don't have relatives or friends who are able to help them out during emergencies? What do they do if they don't know God and don't cry out to him for help? Alone, we can do so little. Alone, we are simply not able to make it. Blessed are those who are not alone, who have others to rely on during tough times. Blessed are also those who are able and willing to reach out to others for help. We ARE truly blessed.

Here are some pics of my kids oblivious to all the troubles, having a great time playing in the snow.

Fortunate, happy, blessed, taken care of. My daughters expression above says it all.


  1. I am glad you are safe and sound! What a day!

  2. oh dear zhenya, she is losing teeth! she is getting older! (i know this is not supposed to shock me)