Friday, January 1, 2010


Sometimes, especially around the holiday time, I want to be my husband. Because then I could

1)not be there when my wife is frantically cleaning the house and preparing to host family for a few nights
2) leave his wife and his friend's wife at home to prepare gormet meals for the evening celebration, and to take care of 5 children ages 6 and younger and solve baby drama
3) attend a calm and festive evening church services while my wife is at home putting the house back in order and setting it up for the party
4) come home to a clean house with a ton of food ready, entertain guests, relax, and go to banya while his wife is serving guests, cleaning up, and putting the kids to bed.
5) Stay up until 5am and then sleep in until noon the next day.

Sometimes, I want to be my husband. But then, I would have to work 12+ hour days and deal with a cranky, naggy wife. And that would not be very pleasant.

Happy New Year, y'all.

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