Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Am Shameless

Today, during my encounter with a distant relative, it occurred to me that I got absolutely no shame! Out of all places, I did not expect to see this person at...a second hand store. When I saw her shopping the same deals I was, I did not even blush or appeared preoccupied. Yes, I used to blush and appear preoccupied when I first discovered the place and would get discovered by other people. You see, in Russian culture, shopping at at thrift store is considered something a newcomer to this country or someone who relies on welfare for income does. Most Russians don't consider shopping at thrift store a choice, but rather a necessity. Thrift store shoppers are considered the needy. I have overcome this stereotype a while ago and am now completely comfortable there.

So, when we met, we exchanged our love for this store and bragged about some super deals we've been getting here. She blurted out many brand names she used to get for full price at Nordstrom which she now gets here for 10 percent of the price. In fact, she showed me the cutest girl gladiator Steve Madden summer shoes she had in her cart. I was bummed I did not see them first! She confined to me that she has been getting a lot of her kids clothing there. Her kids always look great. I do not know why I acted surprised! Maybe because I know that they go on many vacations a year and do not have a lot of debt so I sort of assumed that they shopped retail. I do not know why I would think so as many people who are well off choose to spend less on clothing and save the rest for things that matter more.

I heart my local second hand store as well. Value Village, to be exact. Their $.99 deals ROCK! I have gotten a lot of compliments wearing stuff I bought for less than a dollar. I don't buy adult shoes there though. It is just not worth the risk to me. But, I will consider buying just about anything else there, no shame attached!


  1. Thrift Stores are WONDERFUL!!!!!!! You are one smart lady. I would be proud to shop thrift with you.

  2. My sis in law said once, anyone can look good if their outfit cost a buncha money, but the smart mom is the one who catches the deals. I agree, perhaps we'll bump into one another some day too.

  3. I used to feel the same way... Garage sales and second hand kids stores are my favorite now!

  4. After reading your post, I really want to go and see if they have any good kitchen gadgets))) I never thougth of shopping there for anything... just didn't occur to me that you can go there and get the same stuff for much less and the one time I did make an effort to go down to one, they were already closed :) Bad luck I guess...