Monday, July 26, 2010

A Better Day

Saturday greeted me with a bad cough and a bloated tummy. All I really wanted to do was to curl up in bed and bathe in a quiet misery. But then, its blueberry season over here and I needed to go pick some. When I got home, there was laundry that needed to be done and garage that needed to be cleaned. The place needed to be picked up and vacuumed. Dishes needed to be washed, dinner had to be cooked and so one. The list had no end to it. After spending the last six weeks attending classes and working on my paper, I tried spending the time away from all of that with my children. This meant that everything else that had to do with beautifying our home was put to the side.

As I was deciding what to begin doing first, my husband called to say that his good friend is in town for the weekend is coming to stay with us. Just then my sister mentioned that her and her husband are going crayfish catching. So, I did what any good homemaker would do with she has a long to do list: I said, "Can we come along?"

She took the kids to her house and I set out on a speedy cleaning spree. I packed up whatever food we had and took some clothes for change as well. We ended up having a blast.

This place is about one hour away from Portland. I had no idea it existed so close to home. When I think of crayfish, I think of Louisiana, not Oregon. However, we were able to catch plenty in a short amount of time we were there.

We had one net

and many rackets and no bait.

Above is our friend. I promised to sent his wife this picture of him without any explanation just him, in the middle of a shallow river with a badminton racket. No doubt she would have thought him to have gone insane! Actually, these rackets proved to work really well. We must have caught a hundred crayfish or so.

We had to cross the river with all of our stuff and hang out on a small rocky area. Kids were fine with it. Baby sat on various things and observed.

And occasionally took pictures

Here is Peter making fire on our rocky island.

Our friends going in with whole bunch of other goodies such as dill, bayleaf, parsley and LOTS of salt.

Almost ready...

Nice, bright red color.

Ready for consumption. If you are grossed out, but otherwise love seafood, don't be. These are mini lobsters and they taste delicious.

We had a great time. Our meal was followed by yummy fire baked corn and some more good time.

Cough and bloated tummy was no more. Far away from heat, nice breezy atmosphere around friends and family. Children exited from catching their own, parents yummy dinner satisfied. No amount of clean dishes and washed clothes would have made up for this expererience.

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