Monday, July 12, 2010

What I would Do If...

...we had less bills to pay?
I would........
  • Get a facial once a month
  • Get a professional massage once a week
  • Move to a different country for the summer (with my family, of coarse!)
  • Eat organic or close to it
  • Have someone else clean my house. Often.
  • Teach English to adults. Immigrant adult students rock.
  • Enroll my kids in private schools
  • Experiment with many gormet recipes
  • Go on many weekend trips
  • Stock my cabinet with essential oils to use for banya or parfume
  • Eat out often
  • Give generously
  • Have my husband home before dinner.

Ahhhh.....sweet, sweet dreams of mine. I hope some of these will actually come true when we sell our house and pay off another smaller, less expensive house. But not before. Definetely not before.

Hey, how about you, my faithful readers? What would you add to my (or your) list?

1 comment:

  1. ah, lately i have been dreaming of a tent trailer so that we can go camping and let the kids run about often. And get some irrigation for my plants that are so withering in the sun. and buy a new, nice bike helmet. and dress my babies in new clothes more often. and buy some clothes for myself, including new sandals. But those are pretty far down on the list. and a pedicure seasonally just because, at a place that won't have germs. and massage, yes, massage. and yes, adult immigrant students are the best.