Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whose Child Is This?

Last Saturday, my parents took my oldest two fishing to a little wild lake and they brought back this:

To show you why we first thought they picked up someone else's child, this is how my handsome boy usually looks-
We are guessing that the poor thing got bitten by something while at the lake. On the first day after his forehead was swollen, and on day 2 his eyes were puffed up.
One feels both pity and desire to giggle when he/she looks at him. Its been said by his loved ones that he looks like 1) alien 2) this person's offspring:

3) is a reject from the planet Pandora

Though we have loved him unconditionally, we will not be sad when our child will look normal again. Because sometimes normal is really what is preferred.


  1. all 3 of them looked so cute today! it was great seeing you in person!