Friday, March 27, 2009

An Event-FULL Spring Break

Today marks the end of Spring Break. April will bring no holidays, no teacher inservice, no any other type of pleasant mess up to my every other day work schedule. Though the weather outside was very decemberish, we didn't let that spoil Spring Break for us. Instead, we went to the many indoor kid friendly places to say "Hi" to the entire Portland and get our wiggles out. Here are some pics from this week.

Disclaimer: I try not to overwhelm this blog with a lot of pics of my three blessings, but this post is an exception.

We started off with my kids all dressed up for church.

After service, we went over to my mom's house to celebrate my sisters belated B-day. She has lived a quarter of a century!


Being anxious to start off the holiday right, we head over to Portland Children's Museum. The kids had a blast there. They:

worked with clay

painted their faces

hung out at the tree house

played in the dig pit
and visited other exhibits.


We were fools to think that only us and some other few know of a relatively new (two years old or so) place in our area called JJ JUMP. This is a place with a lot of inflatables where kids jump till they can't anymore and come home to crash for a long nap. Today, though, I was anxious to get out of there more quickly than usual as the place has exceeded the maximum number of monkeys and did not feel safe anymore. Here are the kids catching a few jumps:
In the evening, my kids attacked my poor overworked husband. Nicolas thought it to be a good idea to pretend daddy is a horse:
Abby decided to join him:
Tim didn't want to be left out of the party:

He then could not stop showing his admiration for his dad and kept kissing him with his mouth open:
Till I flew him away to his crib


We hung out at home with our sweet niece Elizabeth.
She played with the kids while I payed some attention to the areas of the house neglected by me in the days prior. I also cooked a bit for a small group of friends we had over that night.

Because one day at home was all we could handle, we headed out to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).

Boy and his magnifying glass
Touching a reptile

The weather was decent enough to afterward play outside in our backyard on the play structure my husband built for them. It was wonderful to breathe in some fresh air!

Brotherly love

Today came the sweetest moment of the entire week. I put the babe for a nap and was busy doing something in the kitchen when I heard my daughter reading a book to my son. She would stop and ask him some comprehension questions and asked him to point to things in the book, and praise him for doing a good job all while wearing this atrocious black scarf with an orange feather and other accessory tucked into it! Nicolas went along with her for an entire half hour or so. It was one of those "aaaaaaah"moments and I was able to snap a few pics in between chuckles without them noticing.

After posting these pics and reliving this week, I am not a bit anxious to get back to the work-school-homework-cooking-cleaning-bill paying-business operations activities that take away from being my kids mom.

27 work days left till summer. Lord help me.


  1. They are even cuter in real life (except when they are jumping on my brand new couches :)

  2. WOW! You guys had an eventful sprin break!!!
    Freddy isn't in school but I sure am glad the break is over; there isn't gonna be that many people everywhere! :)