Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do Not Try to Scam Me or Else!

I love craigslist. Whoever came up with it is a genius. I am bummed that it wasn't me otherwise I would be suntanning on my own private island on the Caribbean just about now. Having done so much selling of our junk on it, it is hard not to love it. However, it is the free entertainment part that we love the best. Anyone who tried selling anything that costs more than a dollar have either been attacked by or have falling into the hands of a scammer. Apparently, those people are not only deprived of a soul, they are also quite uneducated. I always get a kick out of their replies. This one from someone named Ken Hudson, wins the prize for making me laugh the hardest.

Sounds Great,
Thanks for your reply i got all the information about the item , well
Moreso, i will like to have your Info:
I'll make your payment today through Cashier's Check i will handle
the shipment myself. The check will get to you in 1-2 working days
time and when you recieved the check you can then get the check
cashed at your Bank or any check issuing bank branch around you.
You going to confirm and clear the check. The payment will be in
excess as i will want you to contact my shipper with the excess
fund for shipping the item after you must have confirmed and cashed the check. I will wait for your bank to clear the check so you can deduct your own money and send the excess fund to the shipper via Money gram .So as to cover the cost of shipping the item from your place to Indiana, it's destination.This really has to do with Honesty and Trust.
Thanks for your Understanding and coperation.

The sentence in bold and italic was the punchline for me. I loved how he capitalized "Honesty and Trust." My response to him and others like him carries somewhat an evangelizing tone:

Mr. Hudson,
Repent or you will burn in hell.

My husband thinks it is quite harsh of me to reply this way. I think I am doing a service to thousands of people including the scammer him/herself.

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