Friday, February 27, 2009

Penny Pincher With Class

I wanted to introduce my new read to y'all. I discovered her today and cannot stop reading her posts. She is a mom of three and writes mostly about frugal living. Her ideas are full of grace not to mention are desperately suited for today's living. Though a daughter of devout penny pinchers, I am sad to say that I did not inherit the trait. Living on less than one makes was plain common sense to my parents, so they didn't elaborate on it to much to their children. So, I am learning (the hard way) about how to live on less and budget. I've been inspired by Like Merchant Ships and cannot wait to share my findings and successes in my journey to COMMON SENSE with you all.    /109/270437535_ccf802fd98.jpg


  1. Wow! I am honored by your words.

    I think we can all use a little inspiration to save money--myself included. Look forward to watching your journey and learning from *you*!

  2. Wow, Meredith! I am the one honored by your presence on this tiny teeny blog. Thanks for your encouraging words!