Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sushi Made It All Better

I do not know which country the expression "The road to man's heart is through his stomach" belongs to, but today again, I found it to be truth worthy.

Background/Excuse for what I did:
My kids have been sick with a flu and have had a nasty cough that was insubordinate to any treatments we've tried. So at night, Peter and I were busy enjoying the cough chorus and were running to three different bedrooms to comfort our little ones. We hardly got any sleep at all the last four nights. Needless to say I felt and looked like h**l. I had to go back to work for the first time last Friday to do some planning and pretty much hid in my classroom so no one would see the TRUE ME in my saggy jeans, with a makeup less face and very bad hairdo. I did stop to say hello to my boss, who said that "I look good" to which I replied that I am working on bringing my professional look back after a year long sabbatical away from the public.

So today, I left my hubby with my boys who are still recovering from their colds in an effort to update my look a bit and run some errands. I was gone for five hours. Here is what I did

1) Begged the salesclerk to take back a dress Abby never got to wear for the holidays but for which I did not have the receipt.
2)Spent that cash on some awesome deals at Ann Taylor Loft (one of my most favorite stores) including the $2.44 shoes. Did you get that? $2.44 for a pair of shoes. Our economy must really suck.
3) Took my daughter to get a badly needed haircut.
4)Got my eyebrows and upper lip waxed. Then with a RED face had enough courage to walk into an ATT store full of male clerks to switch my sucky phone to my old one . Yes, I found it, people. It was in the bag with the holiday dress. I still don't know how it got there.
5)Stopped by Trader Joe's and got some goodies, then stopped at a different store and got some diapers.
6)Looked at my watch and decided I better get some............sushi or else! I cannot believe it took us as long as it did to discover sushi. You know the real fresh kind, not the kind from a grocery store. There cannot be more heavenly of a food than it.

Guess what bag I brought into the house first? You got it. The sushi bag and saw a huge welcoming smile!

Ladies, what food warms your hubby's heart?

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