Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Its winter time. You go about your day, doing a little cleaning here and there in an effort to prevent your house from looking like a total disaster. You're satisfied and think your house looks decent and then out of the blue......sun begins to shine sending its ray through your windows into the house and exposes the real pigs that live here. All the fingerprints on the windows, carpet stains, dust and more... oh my!!! So instead of taking your fresh air deprived kids out to the park, should one clean the house on such beautiful day as this? Nahhh.... outside we go! Snort.


  1. Aren't you guys just loving this weather? Hehe, it made me notice hand prints on our windows, but they are still there because we've been enjoying the park! :)
    But I also heard that there's more snow coming...

  2. what? fingerprints? dust? those are permanent fixture at our house. We've tried to oust the intruders, but they really enjoy our hospitality.

  3. I went to our neighbors today, they are elderly, and i just looked at
    how clean and perfect their windows and everything was. and their
    yard. and all their nice newish things. and well...out to the park
    we go, Snort. I love it. I think we have our priorities straight,
    and the days when we have spotless houses that are quiet and serene,
    well we might just be all lonely.

  4. I am so glad I am not the only one that has her priorities straight. Heather, you are sooo right. I would take a messy and loud house anytime to being lonely.