Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Piece of Art

Today I got to practice the long forgotten or the never learned skill to craft. Due to either genetics or my upbringing, I am not able to draw or make anything artsy for the life of me and I envy those of you who can. My small mind cannot comprehend how one can take a piece of material and make it into something she can wear outside the house. I also do not understand how anyone can transport an idea of a model or an illustration from their brains onto something tangible. Again, I envy you, pleasantview schoolhouse and the likes.

Because my daughter's kindergarten school is celebrating the 100th day of kindergarten, each family was asked to bring in a poster with 100 things on them. My first thought? Get out a pack of macaroni and glue 100 pieces on a piece of paper. And remember NOT to have my daughter write her name on it. This would take me about a half hour after which I can make dinner and maybe study a bit. For some unknown reason, a clever thought came to mind and I decided to make this instead. Don't you dare laugh.

This piece of art cost me two hours of study time. My neglect of the house and the inhabitants in it is currently evident by the humongous mess in the kitchen and other areas of the house I get to go clean up right now.

Now I know why I don't do crafts. I have no time, patience or ability to do them. But, when Abby takes it to school tomorrow, I know her head will be high when she will proudly display her mother's masterpiece setting a high standard to all. And if the teacher calls and asks to keep this FOREVER, I'll tell her I will just have to think about that.


  1. Way to go, you will be the cool Mom for sure with that work of art!

  2. I can only imagine myself as a mom of a kindergardener... I am soooo not crafty... I probably wouldn't even come up with that button idea which turned out cute by the way!

  3. I think it is simply beautiful! What a great thing to do... We did 100 pictures of things that start with L... I used lots of clip art...turned out cute!

    In response to our comment on my blog...yes I sometimes walk to work...I live 1.4 miles and can walk it in 22 minutes... It is too cold here lately, but it is my excersise for the day when I do do it!

  4. Tina, TAG stand for talented and gifted, an advanced program for elementary school children.