Tuesday, March 3, 2009


While I took a long needed wonderful nap on Sunday, Peter and the kids decided to empty out a big water container which we used as a piggy bank. We have been dumping coins into it during the last four years and were tempted to empty it more than once. They transferred all the coins into the bag and got it ready. I was excited to take it to the bank today only to find out that I cannot lift the bag. I thought of several creative ways to try to carry IT and the two babies, one of which was to divide the money into two bags and place them in the basket of my hmmm....Bugaboo stroller. Mom, two babies, a thousand dollar stroller and a lot of coins. The only worser way I could expose my desperate self would be to show up like that in the stinky bottle return section of the store with whole bunch of empty cans to return.

I think I will let my husband do the job for us.

In the mean time, I am to enjoy these wonderful pictures which I saw for the first time today when transferring images to my computer.

Does anyone want to guess who much money this is? You won't get a prize if you are right though. I already gave each dollar its name :).


  1. Oh I'm dying to know how much I couldn't even guess how much.......tell me tell me........

  2. I love the second pic!
    Soooo... how much was there???? ;)

  3. Whoa! Awesome!!! That's what I call "сила воли"! I dont' think I could go 4 years without emtying it!
    I'd say there's at least $300!

  4. Since I have some banking experience I would say it's a good $1K.