Saturday, May 2, 2009

And Others Save With Fear...

My kids spent the night at my parents' house last night. We LOVE grandma and grandpa for generously opening their house with much enthusiasm and love for my angels doing so weekend after weekend. Today, my mom ear dropped on my kids' conversation and recapped it for me.

Nicolas appeared in the living room with gum in his mouth.

Abby: Where did you get this gum?

Nicolas: Over there, in that box (pointing to Abby's box of gum).

Abby with eyes open wide as if shocked: You STOLE it? You MUST ask God for forgiveness or you will go to HELL!

Nicolas points his index finger up and says: I'll ask when I get there.

Abby: You must ask now or you will go to hell. Repeat after me. Please forgive...
Nicolas: Please forgive... God...
Nicolas: me God...
Abby accenting: for STEALING gum.
Nicolas: for stealing gum.

Forgiveness acquired.

It is funny to me a five and an almost three year old can have a conversation like that. I found spirituality, eternal life, and existence and presence of God some of the hardest things to explain to little kids. The answer to the question "where do babies come from?" does not come close in comparison to any of the questions kids asked me about God. But it sure warms my heart to know that they are applying some of the things we teach them in their own little, funny ways.


  1. At least it's getting through! Great job. Your kids sound so sweet.

  2. It sounds like they are hearing good stuff! Keep up the great work!