Thursday, May 7, 2009

Because I Am That Clever

I learned a new trick today and decided to share with y'all.

If ever you get up from a seat and be advised by a student that you have a bright blue gum stuck to your hot pink skirt, you may:

1) Panic
2) Imagine how much fun your already disrespectful students will have laughing at the fact that you have a piece of gum stuck to your (forgive the language) butt.
3) Rush to the bathroom and try to unsuccessfully take/wash out the gum.
4) Consider running to the store to buy a new skirt during the 5 minute passing time.

5) Thank heavens the skirt is loose on you and turn it so the gum goo is on the side of the skirt as oppose to the back of the skirt and wallah!

They might think you are a pig but the back of your skirt is now clean!

Now, remember this trick and DON'T think that this will NEVER happen to you.

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