Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Boy In the House

Dear Nicolas,

Today is your B-day and in a few minutes, you will officially turn 3. You have grown and changed so much over the last year. One of the biggest changes that occurred is in your ability to speak in sentences. I love conversing with you about different subjects. Right now, you are quiet fascinated about God and Jesus. In fact, today you asked if God knows how to drive a car. I hope you never stop being fascinated with our creator and that this fascination will foster life long appreciation for his creation.

I just love your character. You are sweet and forgiving. When you smile, you melt the hearts of the most grumpiest spectators when we are out and about. You are also most definitely your sister's brother. You love to put on lotion that smells nice, and to paint your nails, and to put on chopstick, and face painting. Right now, your favorite color is pink. You crack us up numerous times a day.

We love you sweet boy, here is a short recap of the last three years for ya.



I couldn't get the music to go on to my movie maker. So I had to add it separate at the bottom of this page.

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