Sunday, June 21, 2009

Its Over! is out!!! Can you all join me in a loud joyous scream? All you working parents out there, I'll understand if you choose to reserve your selves from this act. Looking and paying for a summer babysitter is a lot of fun, I am sure. What can I tell ya, should have chosen teaching for a living!

These last four months were a bit challenging for me so forgive the overwhelming joy. I really do love my job and one of the things I love about it is knowing that there is an end, a long break from it. That is when I get to sit back, relax and reflect on the past few months. So here it goes.

I am enrolled in the master's program and the dreaded time to return from my maternity leave is here. My baby is 10 months and very attached to me. He is a bad sleeper and I am still breastfeeding him. My dear mom in-law (bless her heart) agrees to com to our house and watch our little ones on the days I work. This takes a big load of worries of my back.

I get introduced to my students. It was not love at first sight. I wrote all about my desire to quit here and here.

I didn't know if I'll have any nerves left by June. I prayed about my students every morning before going to work. And then God did a miracle. One of the most challenging students left to Mexico to visit family and never came back. I don't feel bad saying that she was not missed in my class. I also asked my wonderful instructor who is a Christian for advice. She told me that the most effective way to change their attitudes towards me is to pour out my love to them no matter how rude or disrespectful there are to me. She also told me that following school policies (writing detentions and referrals) don't always work, it is more effective to get them on your side one at the time by making connections with them.

It worked! After a few weeks, I was no longer dreading going to work and though they never turned into angels, they were responding to me and I was able to get through my content.

A few weeks ago, I bought many bottles of sparkling cider and students volunteered to say a "Toast to the Future". It warmed my heart listening to how their attitudes changed toward me and the goals the have for their futures. Here are some pics of my most challenging class:

I didn't think I would every say this, but I will actually miss majority of them. They were a unique group that's for sure. A few of the students signed up to be my aids next year. I look forward to having them in my classes again.


I have soooo many little plans for this summer, but most of it will be occupied with spending time with my children. September will be here before I know it. Until then...I am a FREE bird. Well, sort of :)

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  1. your class, i think every teacher gets one. and is sounds like you did exactly the only thing a teacher can really do: pray and pour yourself out to them to not give them a reason for what they are giving to you. it is EXHAUSTING. I also had the experience of the most difficult leaving and not coming back, and it was a relief. he was alpha bully in a room full of newly arrived, economically disadvantaged, insecure young men. congratulations, you made it and i am sure you are a better teacher for it.