Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deserved to Party

We, the educating citizens are pretty giddy right about now. Over two hundred days of school are about to end and we can hardly wait to be dismissed. We rejoice at the thought of being temporary unemployed and tend to party a lot. My calender is about to burst with all the days booked for celebrations. There is a

~Party for graduating ELL seniors I missed last week
~Formal graduation ceremony I probably won't make it to
~District ELL Staff Party tomorrow
~Our school ELL Staff Party on Friday
~A retirement party for a teacher I used to work with is someday next week
~There is an End of the Year party at Abby's Russian school today
~Breakfast for ALL staff the last day of school
~End of the Year Barbecue at my daughter's school on Friday as well
~Her very cute Kindergarten graduation is next Tuesday

With so many parties to go to I think I am making my husband suspicious.

1 comment:

  1. We still have a week to go...then party on! lol