Monday, June 1, 2009


I was explaining something to a student when I turned around and saw my boss casually sitting on one of my chairs. She came in to tell me not to pack my stuff because there have been some changes and that I get to stay in my school. I almost fainted when I heard that.

For the past several months, I've been thinking, planning, shifting gears and almost started packing. I have already make arrangements to work full time in the beginning of next year at my new school. I almost transferred my daughter to that school as well. And then...surprise! All of that was unnecessary!

Though I am happy I won't need to be packing and putting my things on which I worked so hard on in storage, I am a bit disappointed to have missed the opportunity to get new experience, new knowledge. Who knows I might have liked it better there!

She also told me that instead of me, there are moving a different teacher who is not at all fond of this news. She has worked here twice as long as me, has liked the routine and is very comfortable here. The reason they are moving her is complicated I was told. It has to do with our certifications and endorsements. She is mortified as she will need to be commuting between two schools. I feel bad for her and will need to hide my excitement for a while.

I am young and flexible and pretty easy going on most days and the news of transfer took a while to sink in at first. She is older, very set in her ways and did not at all expect to get this. The ELL party was supposed to be held at her house this year. I don't think she is up for celebration.
If I host it at my house, do you think it will send a wrong message?

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  1. We are going thru some of the same issues at our school... budget cuts...people bumping others as their programs are getting eliminated!

    I happy you get to stay put!