Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because Their Mom Rocks

Today in class I learned why my kids are soooooooo smart. Ready? It is because their mom ROCKS. Not only in the "because their mom is cool, hip, the best" way. They are smart because I ROCKED all of them. Apparently, rocking a baby increases their brain size therefore making them smarter. There, mean moms.

Though I think it made me dumber.


  1. All of that shaking will make their brains expand automatically.

  2. A,
    Maybe you misread--I ROCK my babies, not SHAKE.

  3. Hey, then Freddy should be smart too! He wouln't go to bed without rocking untill he was about a year old! Then he got too independant! :)

  4. Hmmmm I guess my three older kids are doomed now but there will be hope for the triplets if i go out and buy a rocking chair soon, LOL