Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Young Politic

This morning, as my daughter was getting dressed for school, she surprised us with her knowledge of politics.

Five year old
: "Yesterday in class our teacher said that Obama is our new president."

Me: "Did you listen to him speak?"

Five year old:" Yes, but he is mean."

Me: "Did you tell your teacher that?"

Five year old: " No, but I told all the kids in my class that he is mean."

Husband: "No, Abby he is not mean, he is our president. Don't call him that."

Five year old: "Didn't you say McCain was better?"

Me: "We liked McCain better but he was not chosen to be our president."

I then went on to tell her how people elect a president in a democratic society. It is too bad she cannot vote yet because it sounds like she would make a great recruiter for the right side.

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