Friday, January 16, 2009

My Favorite Toys

I am a sucker for toys that come with million little pieces. Wonderful products such as Mr. Potatohead, Barbie kitchen, the map of the USA puzzle or our most recent purchase........the ABC rubber puzzle mat. The labels "Engaging! Educational! Fun! Will keep them busy for hours!" always catch my attention.

What the manufacturers should have written on these products is,
"Warning! Might end up in your coffee mug!" and "Don't be fooled, adult intervention a must!" No, it is not as obvious as the new allergy warning contains milk on the milk chocolate bar from the Cadbury chocolate company. C'mon.

After putting my little one for a nap, I decided to practice what I preached in this post and you know, be productive. So I took the puzzle mat out and my puzzle whiz and I started to actively put it together. We placed all the squares out and put in all the letters and the borders

and were left with these pieces that supposed to make up a certain animal.

This is when torture began. After about one hour and a half into it, I started to pull on my hair. I mean, how many advanced degrees does it take to put a puzzle together label of which reads "for children 3+". I bet the makers of this thing NEVER put this together themselves. Just because I bought it at a discount non-toy store, does NOT mean I should have known.

Finally, two hours later....

Before I could laminate it.

Moms, please tell me you too have a favorite toy you want to get rid of

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  1. We too have the ABC rubber puzzle mat and it drives me crazy because our toddler destroys it daily and the pieces are all over the house... I want to throw it away but we just bought it less than a month ago so it has to stay for a bit longer at least :)

    P.S. - I found you on Portland's Top Blogs. And I am Russian too :)